wasup everybodoy! im kinda back in the groove right now!!! jus made a "massive" update to the beat catalog!..lol i say massive cuz for me its massive..like over 10 beats uploaded. not a big deal huh? ..anh u prolly right...lol well, anyway yo i know its been a minute, like 7 or 8 months since ma last post :( ..well i apologize to anyone that has been comin to the blog and tryna figure out where i been! well im still in skool..gettin closer to graduating, still grinding it out tho. lately ive been workin on a mixtape thatll ill post here for anyone who would care to listen to me do ma thing as an "artist" lol..im tryin yall. im takin a more positive route when it comes to music, im a person that practices christianity so of course ma music will have a christian foundation but overall itll jus be music that makes u think, music that makes u happy, and music u can jus chill out n vibe to, honestly u may not even know what im talkin bout on some songs but jus kno that its GOOD! haha..well anyway, thanks again for all ur support. i appreciate it.. and the videos are coming! i swear! lol .. aiight yo, ill catch u on the next entry..peace n God Bless!


SO SOOO im back wit another blog!....its been a looooooooooooooonnnnnng time i kno!...forgive me yall. but wasup everybody?! all ma ppl in different countries wasup!!!!...sorry for the wait.....well what have u been doin all this time is prolly what yall r askin? lol well i jus been for the most part STILL doin music and once again thanks for all of ur support in buyin ma stuff....if u have sent an email im sorry if i havent responded! ive jus been gettin soo many its hard to get to them all in one sitting!..retry me! majormusic12@yahoo.com is ma direct email so if u didnt have luck wit the major@beatmajors.com address try that one!...i am in the process of recordin an album!..yes an album! i kno i said mixtape was comin awhile back but God did somethin different and i was able to get studio time and everything for a CLOSE TO NOTHIN!...me and ma manager r goin to start a small indie label and c what God does wit it! I am the first artist and we got another gurl artist named Nina Simms...Homegurl can SING! and she dont jus sound good but she has a voice that is goin to touch alot of ppl!!!!....well yall will hear...we r workin on it now and will prolly come out wit it in a few months!!! (fingers crossed) so this is kind of a big deal for me!..first album!...dont kno what God is goin to do wit it but i kno somethin is goin to happen!...but patience is what i am learning!...there is so much i wanna do yall...but i gotta take small steps first...God has to trust u wit the small things in life b4 he can trust u wit bigger things!....other than music im still in skool! ...lookin like i have about 3 semesters left! smh...looong journey for me but im not a quitter!...i wont give up until i walk across that stage and get that piece of paper that says i have came along way!!! cant wait...well aiight yall! thats enuff on this blog..oh and the videos r comin! jus gotta to figure out how to work ma new video camera!...aiight




What up yall, im back agian with another one. i promise ima start postin video blogs as soon as i get this video camera im tryna get! lol.. well.. to update u on whats new with me. Yesterday was my first day of skool. im takin this class called differential equations ...and ill just say, its no joke  ..sall good tho. im goin to do it. other than that..i just been grinding tryna get into an apartment so i can have my own place. Right now, i live with my parents so u kno. well i dont have much to say in this blog. im tired right now, bout to go to sleep and wake up at noon! haha.. o im not a morning person at all. i love to sleep in whenever i get the chance. lol..stay up late and sleep late! THE LIFE right?! lol ..but i LOVE breakfast so its like anh whatchugonnado? lol. i do like to eat mcdonalds breakfast but im never up early enough to get it! lol .. well since skool started i gotta be careful ima try not to slide by there every morning lol. well, sorry i dont have much to say in this one. I am excited about what God is doin in my life still. I havent been writing any songs as of lately, bcuz ive been so focused on getting skool situated and financial aid and everything started! im literally drained right now from dealing with all this. but aiight yall ill catch yall on the next one, ill try and say something profound next time lol ..Peace & GodBless

DO U EVER?... 


....what up yall, im back with another post!....ive been thinking all week about something and lemme ask u, hypothetically, Do u ever find urself daydreaming about ur future???.... man i always daydream about where i c myself in a few years and even later on in life..lol ...and sometimes God will show me little glimpses of whats in my future! .. no joke. and i find myself anxious to get there!...the only catch is, i dont know HOW im going to get there, i dont know HOW itll work out for me! lol .. i c myself living in a nice house, happy about my job(MUSIC), beautiful wife, kids, and all that junk but the problem becomes for me, my daydreaming turns into thinking, than my thinking turns into worrying..and than i find myself overwhelmed by what all is required of me...but than i remember....i dont have to worry about my future bcuz all things work out for the people who love God. if ur reading this, and u find urself doin the same thing, ur not alone!...especially being a man, no offense ladies, but men have a even greater responsibility in life bcuz these r men that will eventually be the head over a house and have obligations(some men r idiots and chumps and opt out of their responsibilities) but im talkin about men who wanna be MEN!... and even for the ladies, i know its some of yall prolly go thru the same thing but jus remember that it WILL work out bcuz it has to! BE POSITIVE and tell urself that ur future is BRIGHT and things WILL come together and workout! Life and DEATH is in the power of ur words!...be careful about what u say!...this has jus been on my heart and i felt like sharing this with those who do come and check out my blog!...i appreciate u!

On another note:

I was just going to drop a album KAiROS but i started thinkin y should i waste the songs ive already recorded!..so the mixtape is still coming but im going to do a album as well!..the recordings on the mixtape wont sound as great as the recordings on my album...all the album songs will be done in a professional studio...the mixtape will be recorded and mixed by me....but when i finish all the songs, ill post the whole thing up for download!...

On another note lol:

im about to start skool JUNE 2!!! im majoring in civil engineering, ive been thru alot in regards to skool but i have definitely learned and kept my head up thru it all!....its been tough and im still running into obstacles trying to get enrolled and figure out where ima live but one thing im learning is that persistency is necessary for victory!...if u want somethin, u gotta go get it!..u gotta be persistent!...even if u get discouraged, keep pushing for ur desire, be persistent in what u want and ull get it..WE CAN DO ALL THINGS THRU CHRIST!....remember that!...aiight....im out! catch yall on the next blog!...peace & God Bless

I just learned something... 


What up yall? been a minute, but im back with another short lil blog. So I just came back from a studio recording what looks to be my first single off of my ALBUM!..."KAiROS" ... YES, I SAID I WAS GOING TO BE AN ARTIST AND NOW ITS COMING TO LIFE!..But this is what i learned...as ppl of God...we forget how we know God to operate..God is an "ABOVE AND BEYOND" type of God so u know God is working when its something that happens that is above and beyond our way of thinking..get me? and so we like to take baby steps bcuz it makes us feel safe but we gotta jus STEP OUT THERE and know that it has to work out bcuz Rom. 8:28!!! Since we r in Christ sometimes God wants us to have some FAITH and take a MAJOR step!...get me? .. thats what i learned today!...and so i was going to drop a MIXTAPE called KAiROS... but now im dropping an ALBUM called KAiROS (look it up)......and the krazy thing about all this, im sure its not alot of ppl that come to ma website and reads the blogs i post, but in a minute, there will be alot of ppl coming to this website, if u r reading this..u will c what im saying come to pass...i know that bcuz i have FAITH...FAITH is a krazy concept!....anyway...im done preachin lol .. I WANT TO ENCOURAGE U TO BUY THE SINGLE FOR .99 OFF OF MY PAGE (M A J O R)... to support me...if u r an artist urself and like my beats...if u DO buy my single i will give u a free beat for FREE lol...jus email the track u want and once i c u bought the single off my page, ill send u the track as soon as i can!!! ... also if u r in the houston area and wanna meet me at my first GIG EVER as a ARTIST... check the flyer below, ill be there homies and homiettes...aiight ill talk to u later...peace & God Bless!!!

Hi-Def Loves It! 


what up everybody!....sorry its taken me so long to write, jus been super busy! life throws those curve balls at u and u kinda knocks u back but thats what God is for, to make u strong when ur weak right?! so that u can get back up and go forward lol well i aint tryna preach or nothin but sorry sorry sorry! lol...anyway got word that Hi Def is lovin the remix of his track "Im Comin home" ... so right now me and one of my guys are in the process of putting the remix up for download on itunes, etc!..well we are going to try to promote it and sale it and see what happens! if all goes well i may get other projects like this from more artist from guys overseas and i could possibly get some exposure overseas so if u r overseas or not in the states, look out for me! im coming!!! ....aiight well here is a cover that my guy put together, its not finished but this is a taste of what the cover will look like for the remix!...check it out!!!...well i promise ima be back on here within the next couple days to let yall know whats new with me!....and im tryna figure out how to do some videos so i can start puttin them on here!...will post videos later, maybe some money i make from this remix can help me buy a video camera! lol ...aiight peace and God Bless!....... 



Jus got word that Wich likes the remix ... waitin on Hi Def to say whether or not he diggin it!... yall keep ur fingers crossed for me!...just wanted to let yall know whats goin on....i'll holla at u soon!


Remix??? Podcast


what up everybody, just sittin at the laptop and just thought i would share somethin wit yall. dont know if u know a producer by the name of DJ Wich and artist Hi Def. i think they r both well known in Europe tho , but i was asked to do a remix to one of his tracks called "Comin Home"..i liked the message on this track simply bcuz he wasnt talkin about tryna have 1 nite stand or stealin somebodys gurl or nothin like that like what the typical trend in music is turning into .. it was a real message, i could relate to it and i decided to do the remix...excuse the mix of it..it will be mixed better. here it is, still waitin to c if DJ Wich and Hi Def will accept it!...check it out! yall have a good day, ill be back in the blog prolly tomorrow!

here is the original version of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTW9z51TuB4

Feels Good...Real Good... 


what up yall, this is Major...this is something new im goin to be doin.....just to let yall know whats goin on wit me and what im gettin into these days as Major the PRODUCER and Major THE ARTIST!!! lol yeh folks.. i am going to be a artist too! ...but lemme welcome u to ...(drum rolls)........MAJORS BLOG!!!... lol yeh folks, ill be posting vids and jus random stuff...so yall can get to know me better.. im really a simple down to earth dude, love to laugh and just do what i does ya know lol..anyway this is my first little blog thing so keep checkin back ill try to let yall in on my life and what im doing. talk about random topics..whatever i feel at the moment...but right now im bout to get back to Call of Duty modern warfare!..killin dudes!!!!!...literally haha ...peace..